Surbhi Sahni- Owner Bittersweet NYC and Hemant Mathur – COO Fine Dining group

“My husband and I use Nupur exclusively  for any  legal business needs we have. We both  have separate hospitality business enterprises and we have used her now for three years. We worked with her initially when we needed some legal advise for some contracts that we need placed between us and a company that was hiring our  services. Nupur helped us go through the contracts and prepare drafts that will work in our interest as well will keep  the needs of  business in mind. She helped us go through various legal requirements for the business and we have found Nupur very thorough, responsive and helpful. She understands the different segments of startups as well as has great  understanding of corporate law.  She helps us through our legal requirements for any new business ventures we have. We always feel she works in our best interest, we highly recommend her.”

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